E-Juice Sample Box 240ml - Super Vape'z

E-Juice Sample Box 240ml

Super Vape'z

Super Vape'z Sample Box is a great way to taste our delicious e-juice at a great low price!
Choose Nicotine Strength & 4 Flavors and SAVE $10.00 OFF 4 60ml Bottles.

Each order includes 4 60ml bottles 240ml of Super Vape'z Premium E-Liquid.

Hand Crafted In The USA. American Flag

Flavor Profiles:

Tobacco Flavors:

555 Tobacco - Sweet, Nutty, and flavorful tobacco that’s satisfying.

Havana – An enticing blend of tasty Cuban tobacco rich & flavorful.

Menthol tobacco – Robust 7 leaf tobacco with cooling Menthol drops.

Pirates – Traditional tobacco flavor infused with hints of Vanilla and Caramel.

Top Shelf Tobacco – A mild slightly sweet tobacco flavor.

Turkish Regal –Bold Turkish tobacco flavor sure to satisfy your daily craving.

Vikings – A rich satisfying blend of Turkish tobacco flavor.

Candy Flavors:

Apocalypse – Sour and satisfying like your favorite Gummy candies.

Caliber – By far the best Butterscotch Candy sure to please your palate.

Caramel Apple – A delicious Caramel Apple infused with tones of vanilla.

Dreamy Caramel – A luscious Caramel that’s perfect for an all-day vape.

Gummi Bearz – A full spectrum of fruit flavors in one e-juice. 

Red Hots – A Cinnamon full-bodied and delicious version of the candy.

Skittlepuff – Tastes like your favorite candy when you were a kid.

Sweet Tooth – A great flavor that tastes like Fruit Stripe Gum.

Torpedo – A fresh and juicy candy Watermelon Rancher flavor.

Fruit Flavors:

Apple Mango – A delightful blend of Apples and Mangos.

Blue Crush – A juicy mix of Watermelon, Blueberry and Dragon Fruit.

Double Supreme – A delicious mix of Strawberries & Bananas.

Exotic Gold – Fruity Rancher flavor, Jackfruit, and our popular Juicy Pear.

Grand Slam – Blueberry, Pear, and Pineapple make this flavor irresistible.

Grape Ape – Grape and Apple married to perfection for a perfect vape.

Homerun – A juicy Apple and sweet Strawberry sure to satisfy you.

Juicy Pear – A ripe crisp cool Pear flavor that leaves you wanting more.

Lady Luck – A blend of fruits that taste like your favorite fruit cereal.

Mango Pineapple – A sweet taste of Mango with undertones of Pineapple.

Mellow Honeydew – Honeydew is a great when you want something subtle.

Mystic Guava – An exotic flavor that will have your taste buds dancing.

Orange Blast – Blasting juicy orange flavor that’s in your face.

Pineapple Banana – Tastes like a smoothie favorite everyone loves.

Pyramid – 7 infused fruits including Strawberry, Mango, Guava, etc.

Riot – An exceptional Dragon Fruit, Grape, Strawberry flavor.

Rockin Raspberry – A ripe Raspberry that will rock your socks off.

Shady Grape – A vine-ripened Grape flavor sweet & delicious.

Spawn –  Pomegranate and Blueberry make up this irresistible vape. 

Strawberry Kiwi – A blissful mix of Strawberry & Kiwi that’s second to none. 

Summer Breeze – Ruby red Watermelon mixed with sweet Grape flavor.

Triple Diamond – Jack Fruit, Cantaloupe, and fresh Pineapple.

Very Blueberry – A delicious sweet Blueberry picked right off the bush.

WA Apple – A fresh red Apple flavor sure to become a favorite.

Xtreme Pineapple – A ripe crunchy Pineapple bursting with juices.

Xtreme Watermelon – Our juicy Watermelon is sure to satisfy your craving.

Dessert Flavors:

Berries and Cream – A plethora of berries and whipped Cream.

Grenade – Buttercream vanilla churned into perfection. (Yummy)

Pharaohs – Strawberry with slight under notes of dulce de leche.

Queen of Hearts – A savory Vanilla Custard that’s creamy delicious.

Rockin Roll – A warm Cinna-Bun Danish with a sticky glaze.

Sherbet- A delicious mix of popular fruits infused with Ice-cream.

Drink Flavors:

Crank – Tastes like the famous Monster energy drink.

Dew – Tastefully refreshing like your favorite citrus Mount-N-Dew drink. 

Electra – Get electrified by this Red Bull energy flavor.

Haywire – A cool refreshing tasty orange fruit punch.

Morning Blend – Cappuccino, Hazelnut coffee with notes of cream.

Pina Colada – Have yourself a creamy Coconut Pina-Colada cocktail.

Prodigy – Raspberry Mount-n-Dew never tasted so good.

Rampage – Kahlua and Cream “White Russian” without the hangover.

Root-beer Float – Vanilla Ice-Cream and Root Beer whipped to perfection.

Strawberry Lemonade – Cool yourself with a wonderful Lemonade flavor.

Tropic Berry Mojito – Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry tropical Mojito.

Mint Flavors:

Jet Green – A cool blast of Wintergreen flavor that’s smooth & refreshing.

Mint Fusion – An all-time fresh Spearmint gum flavor you will love.

Minty Cooler – A Chocolate Mint flavor that tastes great any time.

Power Punch – Jungle Juice fruit drink with a twist of Mint.

Rogue – An excellent Candy Cane flavor that's minty cool.

Tango – A tasteful minty, juicy Mint Gum flavor.

Vortex – Bursting menthol flavor that tastes as cool as its name.

Winter Freeze – A delicious Best Seller menthol infused blend flavor.

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